Announcement of a State Visit by the President of South Africa


The President of the Republic of South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa, accompanied by Dr Tshepo Motsepe, has accepted an invitation from His Majesty The King to pay a State Visit to the United Kingdom from Tuesday 22nd November to Thursday 24th November 2022.

The King and The Queen Consort will host the State Visit at Buckingham Palace.


Visits to South Africa

The King has visited South Africa, a member of the Commonwealth, on a number of occasions:

His Majesty’s first visit was to Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town from 31st October – 5th November, 1997:

  • The King visited a community policing project in Nyanga township.
  • The King visited the Tsoga township environmental project.
  • The King officially opened the British Council offices in Cape Town and met British Council staff and Chevening Scholars.
  • The King visited Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens.
  • The King visited the Ravensmead Clinic Tuberculosis project, viewed a clinic and mobile laboratory and tuberculosis awareness-raising activities.
  • The King attended a concert in aid of the Nations Trust at the Johannesburg Athletics Stadium.

The King and The Queen Consort also visited Pretoria and Johannesburg from 2nd – 6th November 2011:

  • The King attended a Roundtable discussion with members of the South African Corporate Leaders' Group, as Patron of the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership.
  • The King and The Queen Consort visited the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg, and were received by Mrs. Graca Machel.
  • The King gave a speech at the University of Cape Town on international sustainability and climate change.
  • The King visited Kuyasa Township.
  • The King and The Queen Consort visited members of the Mduku community and a clinic in KwaZulu-Natal.
  • The King visited the Black Rhino Range Expansion Project at Phinda Game Reserve.

The King also attended the funeral of President Nelson Mandela on 15th December 2013.

Inward South Africa State Visits

  • The King attended a State Banquet at Buckingham Palace during the State Visit of President Nelson Mandela on the 9th July 1996.
  • During the State Visit of President Thabo Mbeki and Mrs Mbeki in 2001, The King received The President at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, where His Majesty hosted a lunch with Scottish Business Leaders. The King, accompanied by The President and Mrs Mbeki, visited 6VT, a youth charity in Edinburgh. The King attended a banquet given by the President of South Africa and Mrs Mbeki in London on 14th June 2001.
  • The King and The Queen Consort welcomed The President and Mrs. Zuma on behalf of Her Majesty at the start of the State Visit of President Jacob Zuma and Mrs Zuma in March, 2010.
  • Further details of the State Visit programme will be announced in due course.

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