The Queen's role

Her Majesty is The Queen Barbados and as such has a unique relationship with this, the most easterly of the Caribbean islands. In all her official duties relating to Barbados she speaks and acts as Queen of Barbados, and plays an important symbolic and ceremonial role in the life of the island nation.

As the ‘constitutional monarch’ of Barbados, The Queen is not involved in the day-to-day business of Barbados’s Government. However, she is in regular contact with the Governor-General – her representative there – who keeps her updated with any significant news or developments.  The Governor-General as appointed on the advice of Barbadian ministers.

The Queen's Royal style and title in Barbados is Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Barbados and of Her other Realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth. Her Majesty is The Queen of Barbados, completely separately from her role as Queen of the United Kingdom.

Royal visits

Barbados has seen visits from many members of The Royal Family, often marking historic moments in the life of Barbados, or milestones for The Queen.

At the end of the Silver Jubilee tour of 1977, Concorde made its first landing in Barbados, with The Queen experienced her first supersonic flight.

Her Majesty joined celebrations for the 350th anniversary of the Barbados Parliament in 1989, later visiting Queen's College to officiate at stone laying ceremonies for the school's new buildings.

In 2010, Prince Harry visited Barbados to launch the first Sentebale Polo Cup, which aims to raise awareness and funding for Sentebale's work with vulnerable children in Lesotho.

As part of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee tour in 2012, The Earl and Countess of Wessex attended the Joint Sitting of the Parliament of Barbados, visited the Royal Barbados Police Force Band, and met Duke of Edinburgh Gold Standard awardees.

The Princess Royal visited Barbados in 2015, as part of her trip to the Caribbean-Canada Emerging Leaders Dialogue, which aims to join together Canadian and Caribbean communities in a diverse leadership learning experience.

In 2016, as part of his Caribbean visit on behalf of The Queen, Prince Harry visited Barbados. The Prince visited to join Barbados' 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Our countries have a shared history, shared values and an affection which continues to bind us in friendship. On this day of celebration, I send my congratulations to you on your Golden Jubilee of Independence.

The Queen's message to Barbados on its 50th anniversary, as delivered by Prince Harry

​Prince Harry spoke at a special concert at Kensington Oval celebrating 50 years of Independence in the country, having earlier delivered a message from The Queen congratulating the island on its historic anniversary.


The Queen's Young Leaders

The Queen’s Young Leader Award recognises and celebrates exceptional people aged 18-29 from across the Commonwealth, who are taking the lead in their communities and using their skills to transform lives.

In 2015, Donnya Piggott became Barbados' first Queen's Young Leader, in recognition of her work supporting the LGBT community in Barbados.

In 2016, two Queen's Young Leaders from Barbados were identified. Firhaana Bulbulia, founder of Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies, was congratulated for her work supporting Barbadian women. Shamelle Rice was also given an Award for her work providing female sex workers and women in juvenile detention facilities with vocational training and mentorship.

On his visit to Barbados in 2016, Prince Harry met Jamella Sealy, one of the 2017 Queens Young Leaders.

Through The Queen's Young Leaders Programme, these inspirational young people will be supported and encouraged to continue their amazing work across the Commonwealth.