The Duchess of Cornwall receives an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Southampton

Published 11 February 2016

The Duchess of Cornwall visited the University of Southampton today to accept an Honorary Doctorate.

Her Royal Highness was awarded the Doctorate in recognition of her work on osteoporosis. The Duchess has been President of the National Osteoporosis Society since 2001, has also previously spoken on behalf of the International Osteoporosis Foundation.

The University of Southampton awards honorary degrees and fellowships to inspiring individuals who distinguish themselves nationally and internationally.

During the awards ceremony, The Duchess of Cornwall said:

[quote]“Now, you are probably asking yourselves how on earth I became involved with all this. It is a deeply personal connection: I watched my own mother and grandmother suffering the appalling consequences of osteoporosis, which in the end resulted in their deaths.  

“When my mother died in 1994, I knew scarcely anything about osteoporosis but I was determined to find out more – and to find a way of helping other people avoid the same excruciating pain and disregard that she  encountered in those bad old days.”[/quote]

Read Her Royal Highness’s full speech at the University of Southampton here.