Meet Martin: Director of Records

"I enjoy working with colleagues, all focussed on doing their best to support The Queen."

Martin, Director of Records

Working as part of the Private Secretary's Office, Martin has overall responsibility for information management across the Household. This includes data protection and information security, and in particular, Martin is focused on identifying how the latest technologies can be used to support the Household operations.

It's a role that straddles the organisation, which is something Martin enjoys and values:

"The job has always been busy and varied in the 11 years I have been here; I have visited many of the residences and worked with colleagues from all departments."

I enjoy working with colleagues who are all focussed on doing their best to support The Queen.

Martin is always looking towards the future to see how ways of working can be improved, and he is proud of his achievements during his time at The Royal Household:

"I introduced online access to the Royal Archives, which has attracted over a million users since the Diamond Jubilee, and allows the public to understand more about the role of the monarch and the Royal family."

But it's not just the job that Martin enjoys. "It's the collegiate atmosphere; the good internal communications; the fact that everyone understands the Household objectives and works together to achieve them. It's the excellent facilities such as the staff restaurant, and wellbeing activities throughout the year, such as the book club which I have joined. That's what makes working for the Household so special"

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