Prince Harry successfully completes army pilots course

Published 29 April 2010

Prince Harry has successfully completed the Army Pilots Course at Middle Wallop. Following a Graduation Ceremony next Friday 7th May in which he will be presented with his Provisional Wings by his father, The Prince of Wales, Prince Harry – known as Lieutenant Harry Wales in the military – will continue his training to become a fully operational Army Air Corps pilot on either the Lynx or Apache aircraft.

Prince Harry successfully completed the Final Handling Test yesterday (Thursday 29th April), and he successfully completed the Course Final Exercise on Wednesday. Instructors assessed Prince Harry as capable of being an Apache or a Lynx pilot.

Prince Harry will consider his preferences over the following week (before next Friday’s Graduation Ceremony). As with any other pilot, Prince Harry’s preferences will be taken into account by the chain of command, which will make its final decision about aircraft type ahead of next Friday’s Graduation Ceremony.

Further information  The decision on which aircraft any Army School of Aviation student flies takes a number of factors into account, including the student’s progress during the pilot training course, his aptitude, to some extent his preferences, and the manning requirements of the Army Air Corps.