The Prince of Wales attends a dinner in support of the Australian Bushfires Appeal


The Prince of Wales tonight attended a reception and dinner hosted by The Lord Mayor of the City of London and the High Commissioner for Australia, in aid of the Australian bushfire relief and recovery effort.

The event, at the Lord Mayor’s home and office Mansion House, brought together the City business community and firms closely associated with Australia, to show support for the on-going recovery that the people of Australia are facing since the summer bushfire season. 

Whilst the emergency response phase is now over, the damage caused by the fires has devastated wildlife, destroyed thousands of homes and more than 10 million acres of land was burned. More than 30 people tragically died in the bushfires and resources have become increasingly stretched.

During a speech, The Prince said:

Like all of you, I was profoundly shocked by the extent and intensity of the fires which swept Australia this Summer.  They affected an area, as you’ll know better than I, larger than Scotland, and even the most seasoned firefighters were taken aback by their ferocity.  These terrifying fires robbed people of their lives, their loved ones, and their property; driving them from their homes while, at the same time, wreaking untold devastation on Australia’s unique and precious wildlife.  The scale of the loss is as appalling as it is heart-breaking and it is dreadful to think of the suffering that so many Australians have had to endure. 

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