Remembrance 2019

Every year The Queen and other members of the Royal Family undertake engagements focussed on the Armed Forces, culminating in the Cenotaph Service on Remembrance Sunday. Here's our run-down of this year's Remembrance events

Wednesday 6 November: The Queen visits the Royal British Legion Industries’ Village. 

2019 Remembrance engagements began with The Queen's visit to the Royal British Legion Industries’ Village in Aylesford. 

Her Majesty visited Kent to celebrate the RBLI's 100th Anniversary.


The national charity support the Armed Forces, people with disabilities and people who are unemployed through accommodation, welfare, training and employment.

The Queen saw how residents at the new Appleton Lodge benefit from recreational and school activities on offer, including arts and crafts, flower arranging and reading sessions.

Her Majesty also visited the 'Centenary Village' - specially-adapted apartments for wounded former military personnel. 


Her Majesty wrote a message which was put into the time capsule which said: 

"I wish to congratulate Royal British Legion Industries on their Centenary, and their support of veterans over the past 100 years.

Today is a moment of celebration, but also a time of reflection on the sacrifices the Armed Forces make in times of need.

I send my warmest best wishes to RBLI and all who support them."

The RBLI was initially set-up to provide support to wounded troops returning from the front lines of the First World War, one hundred years on the charity continues to support injured veterans.

Thursday 7 November: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit The Field of Remembrance 

Today, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have visited the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey as part of Remembrance events taking place this week.

duke and duchess of sussex

The Field will be filled with crosses over the coming days, each of which represents a member of the Armed Forces who has given their life in service of their country. 

The Field of Remembrance was opened by The Duke of Edinburgh and The Duke of Sussex joined his grandfather at the event for many years. 

duke of edinburgh

His Royal Highness served in the Royal Navy from 1939-1952, during which time he saw active service in WWII and reached the rank of Commander.

The Duke of Sussex, who served in the British Army for 10 years, is passionate about promoting the welfare of those who are serving or who have served their country in the Armed Forces.

At today’s event, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stood for a two-minute silence to remember those who have died in service of their country. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also planted crosses in the Field of Remembrance. 

Saturday 9 November: the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance 

Each year, the Festival of Remembrance, held at at the Royal Albert Hall in London, remembers those who have died in service of their country through music and performance. 

This year, the event was attended by The Queen, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, The Duke of York, The Earl and Countess of Wessex and The Princess Royal. 

The event brings together military and civilian performers, veterans, servicemen and women and those wishing to pay their respects to members of the Armed Forces who have died in service of their country.

The Festival ended with the observance of a two-minute silence before the National Anthem was played.

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance events culminated in the Cenotaph service on Whitehall where members of the Royal Family, faith leaders, political leaders, veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces gathered to remember those who have lost their lives in conflict. 

The Prince laid a wreath on behalf of The Queen, who is Head of the Armed Forces, before he and other members of the Royal Family laid their own wreaths at the memorial. 

After a two-minute silence and the sounding of the Last Post, more than 10,000 veterans marched past the Cenotaph. 

Other Remembrance events this year include: 

Monday 11 November - The Duke of Kent will attend The National Memorial Arboretum Armistice Day Service in Staffordshire.

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