A speech by The Duke of Cambridge at Vernon Park, Nottingham


We will witness an exceptional moment in our Island History.

Good evening everyone.‬‪‬‪ Catherine and I are delighted to be here on this special night, as the journey towards the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games nears its end. ‬‪ Tonight we celebrate the launch of Our Greatest Team - the 900 British athletes who will represent the country at London 2012. ‬‪Catherine, Harry and I are immensely proud to be Ambassadors for Team GB and Paralympics GB.‬‪ Naturally, I was asked to compete for Team GB in every sport, but sadly Lord Coe said there were London pigeons with more athletic prowess than me. Anyway, to adapt a famous phrase from Sir Steve Redgrave, if you see me in a pair of Speedos by the swimming pool during the Olympics, shoot me! ‬‪We feel hugely excited and privileged to be part of this great moment for Britain. With the entire nation, we will be cheering on all our athletes this summer.‬‪ We should take huge pride that London will be the only city to have hosted the Olympics three times.‬‪ That the Paralympic movement was founded here at Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire at the time of London ‘48, further confirms the city’s unique Olympic legacy.‬‪ The values celebrated by the Olympic and Paralympic Games - friendship, excellence, respect, equality, courage, determination, inspiration – resonate across every walk of life, and in every circumstance. These Games remind us of the power of the human spirit and human endeavour. You, our Olympians and Paralympians, will inspire people up and down this country, and far beyond its borders.‬‪For the athletes of Our Greatest Team, these Games mark the pinnacle of your sporting careers. I can only imagine it… competing at home, in front of your countrymen and women, with the eyes of the entire world upon you. A dream come true.‬‪For all of us mere mortals – and I include my brother, Harry, still droning on about beating Usain…it never counted as it was a false start…this is a lifetime opportunity. We will witness an exceptional moment in our Island History. The mood in London will be electric, ecstatic, amazing. I simply can't wait.‬‪‬‪ Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s to Our Greatest Team. Glory awaits you.‬‪‬‪