A speech by Prince Harry at the GREAT Campaign, Brazil


I can hardly believe I'm here.

Mayor, Secretary of State, Ambassador, Ladies and Gentleman - good evening on this beautiful moonlit night.

Thank you for a stunning Anglo-Brazilian welcome to your spell-binding city - I've got to get this right - this 'cidade maravilhosa'!‬‪

I can hardly believe I'm here.  Over the years, I've seen and heard so much about this extraordinary place - in fact, ever since my father told me about a certain dance he once had with a beautiful girl called Pinah.  It just seems to have stuck in his mind for some reason...

But everything about Rio makes you want to dance.  I'm just so thankful that my brother isn't here because he might actually do it... and that would not be cool.

It's wonderful to see here tonight so much that is truly Great about Britain - and particularly about our flourishing partnership with Brazil.‬‪

In business, the UK is now Brazil's 4th largest foreign investor.  In education, innovation, technology, fashion, and even in shopping, Britons and Brazilians are forging bonds that will stand the test of time, and take us forward together into the 21st Century. 

I feel that it's going to be a great era for our two countries, for the friendship between us.‬‪ Something like a marriage - now, there's an idea.

And sport is part of all that - right in the centre of it, in fact.  I can't wait for beach volleyball tomorrow morning. It's my kind of game.

I'm going to help coach Brazilians to play rugby.  One plea to all Brazilians, though: please, please - if we show you how to play rugby - don't do what you've done with football, and leave us wishing we hadn't! ‬‪

But we shall see more of this with the Olympics in London, which will include Brazilian cultural events, followed by more British events here in Brazil from September right through to March next year.

And then we have a treat in store for the world, when, first, the World Cup and, then, the Olympic Games come here to Brazil.  ‬‪

(I'm nearly finished, I promise.)

For all these great events - whether in London this year or Brazil in 2014 and 2016 - I know everyone here will join me in wishing the competitors and teams from our two nations every possible success.‬‪

Enjoy the party tonight - enjoy the music and dance! - and thank you so much for coming to this Great occasion.