A speech by Prince Harry at The Royal Foundation Forum


So far today you’ve heard William explain The Royal Foundation model of working together. And Catherine has shared with you, our belief in the value of focusing on the long term; it is with this mindfulness of the big picture that we hope to make a real and lasting difference.

We are proud to work on behalf of a respected institution that stands for timeless values of family, service, duty, and integrity. With that, we feel a tremendous responsibility to play our part in effecting societal change for the better – both locally, throughout the commonwealth and…wherever they’ll have us!

We are fully aware that with any institution, longevity comes with adapting to the ever-changing times. For that reason, my brother and I began The Royal Foundation to bolster the work our family has long contributed to, and to add to it with a progressive approach – by listening to the people on the ground, engaging with grassroots leadership, and creating programming that is built on localised knowledge and gained trust, to have the highest impact.

It is through this that we strive to play a leadership role that feels relevant to the causes and needs we are seeing today, and to anchor them in the values which have been upheld for generations. Those core values have been long upheld, and as far as I see it, it is our duty to help guide them forward – with hope, inclusivity and the goal to shift mind-sets and habits for the greater good.

And we are seeing this every day.

We see experts working alongside community leaders to create solutions that tackle the root causes of a challenge, not just the symptom. We see and embrace diversity which brings great strength to the fabric of our nation, the Commonwealth and beyond.

We see more people than ever before caring about our environment and wanting to be part of the local and global solutions to protect it, so that they leave a legacy of sustainable practice. They know that their voice, their choice, their influence matter. That is impact. That is togetherness. That is what we are about.

With a generation of young people who are now more connected and more optimistic than we’ve ever seen before, and solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems no longer an idea but a reality, it is now that we must maximize this opportunity, and use this level of engagement to see change come to fruition. And to build on that hope so that future generations benefit from our actions.

And through The Royal Foundation, we are.

William, Catherine and I are privileged to be able to create and support initiatives that shine a light on causes that are locally and globally relevant, and deeply important to us.

And I am personally incredibly proud and excited that my soon-to-be wife, who is equally passionate about seeing positive change in the world, will soon be joining us with this work. Because the work is plentiful, but it has also proven to be impactful. By empowering members of a community who in spite of or because of their life experiences, have become relatable role models to inspire youth leadership, we are seeing change. Through actioning team sport in under-served areas, we are seeing stronger community involvement, and more engaged youth. Through programming designed to assist those in overcoming adversity, using physical prowess and emotional resilience, we are seeing heroes made before our very eyes. We are seeing and supporting: skill, leadership, and positivity. Because as we have seen, and as we all well know – while we are strong as one, we are even stronger united.

To help us discuss this more I am very pleased to introduce four friends of The Foundation. Please welcome Full Effect mentor Chantelle, Coach Core graduate Tracey, and Sean and Dan, both beneficiaries of the Endeavour Fund.