Decant of the East Wing at Buckingham Palace


As reservicing works continue at Buckingham Palace, thousands of Royal Collection items are being removed from The East Wing to allow for essential renovations to take place next spring.

Reservicing works are continuing at Buckingham Palace, with the removal of fine artworks from The East Wing. 

Around 3,000 pieces from the Royal Collection are being moved from the Chinese Dining Room, the Yellow Drawing Room and the Centre Room to allow for essential renovations to take place in Spring 2019.

This will ensure they are protected whilst infrastructure such as electrics and pipework are replaced, and improvements to accessibility are made throughout the Wing. 

Some items, which are too heavy or complex to be moved, will be left in their current locations and protected for the duration of the works. Others will be redisplayed at Buckingham Palace and other royal residences.

The East Wing Buckingham Palace

The move will also allow for around 150 of the works of fine art to return on loan to Brighton's Royal Pavilion, to be publicly displayed at the residence for which they were originally acquired under George IV. When Queen Victoria sold the Pavilion, she moved many of the items into newly-built rooms.

Designed by Edward Blore in the 1840s, the East Wing of Buckingham Palace was built for Queen Victoria to provide more entertaining and living space for her expanding family. Blore’s design included the famous central balcony on the front façade of the Palace, which was incorporated at Prince Albert’s suggestion. Since then it has been used on many national occasions, including annually at Trooping the Colour.

The East Wing Buckingham Palace Facade

The East Wing in Figures

The East Wing is made up of over 200 rooms. Around 3,000 Royal Collection objects are housed in the Wing, including:

  • 200 paintings
  • 40 chandeliers
  • 1,100 items of ceramics and glass
  • 100 mirrors
  • 30 clocks
  • 200 books
  • 300 items of fine furniture
  • 560 items of everyday furniture (e.g. beds, desks and chairs)
  • 40 historic textiles


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