The Duke and Duchess learn more about organisations working to prevent suicide

Published 10 March 2016

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's engagements on 10th March focussed on the inspiring story of Jonny Benjamin. Jonny's life was saved by a stranger in 2008 as he contemplated taking his own life. After receiving help, Jonny launched a social media campaign called #FindMike six years later, together with the charity Rethink Mental Illness, to find the man who saved him in order to offer his thanks. The campaign succeeded and Jonny was reunited with not a Mike, but Neil Laybourn.

The Duke and Duchess will meet Jonny and Neil at St Thomas' Hospital in London where Jonny was sectioned immediately after his near suicide, where they talked about tackling the stigma associated with suicide, and the importance of talking about mental health from a young age.

Following the visit to St Thomas' The Duke, Duchess, Jonny and Neil travelled to Kensington Palace where they dropped in on a screening of a documentary about Jonny's experience and the #FindMike campaign.

Around 20 young people from a South London school were invited to watch the screening at Kensington Palace and then take part in a discussion, led by Jonny, Neil and Rethink Mental Illness.

​Following this session, Their Royal Highnesses joined a private discussion with a group who have been bereaved in various ways by suicide to discuss their experiences and the support they have received since.