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The Duke of Cambridge to deliver a speech on the illegal wildlife trade on Chinese television

Published 7 September 2015

The Duke of Cambridge will deliver a speech on Chinese television on the urgent work needed to combat the illegal wildlife trade. The Duke's speech will be filmed in London in mid-October before being aired on CCTV1 – the station with the largest audience in China – as part of a series of programmes called Let's Talk.

The Duke is grateful to have this opportunity to explain how people around the world must work together to save some of the planet's most critically endangered species before they are lost forever. He considers this issue an important test for his generation's ability to solve the much more complex global challenges it will face in the decades to come. He was pleased to raise this issue with the President of China when they met in Beijing earlier this year and has been encouraged by China's willingness to play its part in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

Full operational details of the speech and of the other aspects of the Let's Talk programmes will be announced in due course.