The Duke of Gloucester supports St John Ambulance in Hong Kong


The Duke of Gloucester has travelled to Hong Kong to attend the Hong Kong St John Ambulance Grand Council Meeting.

St John Ambulance provides first aid support and emergency response services across Hong Kong. The charity also runs courses in basic first aid and home nursing. The Duke attended the Council Meeting in his role as Grand Prior of the Order of St John, because St John Ambulance is one of the service organisations of the Order.

Attendees of the Grand Council meeting

Also during his trip, The Duke met architects from Hong Kong who are working with UK architects to share knowledge, ideas and expertise. Once an architect himself, this was an opportunity for The Duke to celebrate and encourage new partnerships, with one of the key topics of discussion being the challenges of making new buildings in big cities environmentally-friendly.

Later in the visit, The Duke attended a service and held an investiture at St John Cathedral in Hong Kong.

The Duke of Gloucester in Hong Kong Cathedral

You can find out more about St John Ambulance in Hong Kong at