The Duke's Charities and Patronages

From The Queen's Accession onwards, The Duke of Edinburgh played a leading role in many aspects of national life.

Over the course of his life, His Royal Highness was associated with 992 organisations, either as President, Patron, Honorary Member or in another capacity, with special interests in scientific and technological research and development, the welfare of young people, education, conservation, the environment and the encouragement of sport.

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Industry was a particular interest, and there was hardly an aspect of the UK's industrial life with which Prince Philip was not familiar. 

He visited research stations and laboratories, coal mines and factories, engineering works and industrial plants - all with the aim of understanding, and contributing to the improvement of British industry. 

He founded The Duke of Edinburgh's Study Conferences on the human aspects of industrial communities within the Commonwealth, these were held every six years from 1956. The inaugural Organising Committee brought together national representatives from both labour and management for the first time .

The environment was another key interest. After visiting Antarctica and the South Atlantic between 1956 and 1957, Prince Philip devoted himself to raising public awareness of the relationship of humanity with the environment.

Prince Philip was the first President of World Wildlife Fund - UK (WWF) from its formation in 1961 to 1982, and International President of WWF (later the World Wide Fund for Nature) from 1981 to 1996, and then President Emeritus of WWF until his death.

The Duke of Edinburgh served as Chancellor of four universities: Wales from 1948 to 1976, Edinburgh from 1952 to 2015 , Salford from 1967 to 1991 and Cambridge from 1976 to 2015. He was also a Life Governor of King's College, London and Patron of London Guildhall University.

Prince Philip was President of the Central Council of Physical Recreation (CCPR), Admiral of the Royal Yacht Squadron, and twice served as President of the Marylebone Cricket Club (the MCC). He was also Patron of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots, and Master of Trinity House.

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