Invictus Orlando


It's been an incredible first two days of competition at the 2016‪ ‎Invictus Games‬ in Orlando.

Following the spectacular opening ceremony, Prince Harry attended the first two days of competition for the 2016 Invictus Games.

Paralympian Micky Yule powered his way to Britain's first Invictus Games gold medal on day one.

Yule, 37, from Musselburgh near Edinburgh, recorded a personal best with a winning lift of 190 kilograms - and Prince Harry was among the first to offer his congratulations when awarding Yule his gold medal.

Without Prince Harry's input into the whole games, I'm sure it wouldn't be what it is.

Micky Yule, lightweight power lifting Gold Medallist

Prince Harry was on hand to meet Amy Baynes from the New Zealand Defence Force Invictus Team - who had much to celebrate after winning silver in the Time Trial Cycling on her birthday.

His Royal Highness also met cyclist medal winners, including the British double gold winner in recumbant cycling Rob Cromey-Hawke and proud daughter Pippa.

On day two Prince Harry congratulated Team Georgia, who narrowly lost their sitting volleyball semi-final to Team UK. It was a great match and a brilliant Invictus story - Team UK helped Georgia with coaching sessions via Skype in the run up to the Games.

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