Prince William to visit New Zealand and Australia in January 2010

Published 02 November 2009

Prince William is to pay an official visit to New Zealand at the invitation of the Government of New Zealand. Following the official visit to New Zealand, The Prince will pay an unofficial visit to Australia, his first to the country since he was a child.

Prince William’s visit to New Zealand will deepen his personal links with the country and its people; he previously visited the Commonwealth Realm in July 2005.

The Prince will represent The Queen at the official opening of the new Supreme Court building in Wellington – the first time that The Prince has represented Her Majesty in an official capacity.

From 17th to 19th January, The Prince will carry out a series of engagements in Auckland and Wellington, including the opening of the Supreme Court building.

Following his official visit to New Zealand, between 19th and 21st January, Prince William will travel to Australia and carry out several engagements in and around Sydney and Melbourne.

This visit originated from a request to the Government of Australia by Prince William to visit the country in order to begin to get to know Australia and its people, and build on the Royal Family’s close personal links with Australia for himself; his visit to New Zealand presented him with an opportunity to visit.

Details of Prince William’s programme in New Zealand and Australia will be made available closer to the visit.