The Queen celebrates Scripture Union's 150th Anniversary

Published 06 December 2017

The Queen has attended Scripture Union's 150th Anniversary Service of Celebration at St Mary's Church, Islington.

Scripture Union (SU) is a Christian charity that invites children and young people to explore the difference Jesus can make in the challenges and adventures of life, and is active in 120 countries worldwide.

The first Scripture Union meeting was held in December 1867 close to where St Mary's Church stands.

The 150th Anniversary service was led by the Rev. Hastie-Smith and the Rev. Harvey, with music by the All Souls orchestra.

The congregation and service included Baroness Floella Benjamin, singer Katherine Jenkins, presenter Pam Rhodes, Bishop Paul Butler and local school children, SU volunteers and supporters.

A choir of local school children performed a hymn - His Love will Last Forever, and a new Scripture Union Jubilee Hymn, composed by Bishop Tim Dudley-Smith, was also performed.

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