The Queen's London programme during Golden Jubilee year



In four day-long visits, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will tour North, South, East and West areas of London, during the Golden Jubilee summer.

They will visit the outer reaches of the Capital on 9 May (East London), 6 June (North London), 25 June (West London) and 4 July (South London).

The tours have been designed to reflect the variety of population groups and cultural influences, some of which have emerged since the Silver Jubilee in 1977 and which together form London today.

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will be visiting the widest possible range of people and organisations in different communities.

London (East)

On Thursday, 9 May, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will visit Walthamstow, where the Mayor will invite The Queen to present a number of Jubilee awards for outstanding civic achievement.

She will travel to Redbridge, where she will view allotments, including those tended by individuals from a local centre for adults with physical and learning disabilities.

The Queen and The Duke will attend a reception at West Ham Football ground. The Queen will then go to Eastbury Manor House, Barking, to meet craftsmen working on its restoration and representatives of local communities. Meanwhile, The Duke of Edinburgh will visit the University of East London.

London (North)

On Thursday, 6 June, The Queen will visit a bus depot in Brent to meet and thank employees who have been working through the Golden Jubilee Central Weekend.

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will go to Barnet to view a parade representing North London communities.

The Queen and The Duke will then attend a reception at the Alexandra Palace in Haringey for local communities, before returning to Central London for a garden party at Lambeth Palace.

London (West)

On Tuesday, 25 June, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will visit Uxbridge, where The Queen will unveil the statue "Anticipation" created by Anita Lafford.

The Queen and The Duke will then visit Gunnersbury Park to meet representatives of an alliance of West London boroughs encouraging business development in West London, before going to All Saints Parish Church, Kingston-upon-Thames.

In the church The Queen will unveil a stone commemorating the 1100th anniversary of the coronation in Kingston of King Edward the Elder. They will then travel to Bushy Park to meet a number of local charities and childrens groups.

London (South)

On Thursday, 4 July, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will visit the newly refurbished Broadway Theatre in Lewisham before travelling to the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon.

They will then attend a reception at Addington Palace for representatives of South London communities. The Queen will then travel to the National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace Park where she will view the London Youth "mini" games.


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