Reception for the Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund


The Duke of Cambridge helped celebrate the work of the Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund during a reception at Guildhall in London.

Believed to be the oldest police charity in the world, the Orphans fund began in 1870 initially as an orphanage. In 1937 the orphanage closed and the charity became the present fund which has supported more than 15,000 children. The charity supports the children of serving and former officers of the Metropolitan Police and the City of London Police who subscribed to the Fund whilst serving, and who are either deceased, retired on pension, or are unable to contribute materially to the family upkeep. The event marked 8o years since the orphanage closed and the modern fund began.

The Duke, patron of the charity, presented a series of awards and scholarships on behalf of the charity, at a ceremony attended by beneficiaries and their families. Afterwards, His Royal Highness met children, young people, and family members, who have been supported by the charity over a number of years.

Through the Fund, families receive financial assistance and education grants to help towards school trips, extracurricular lessons and university costs. Families also receive some money to help pay for summer holidays and Christmas. When young people finish full time education they receive a clothing grant to assist with the costs of suitable clothing for job interviews – this replaced the tradition of each child receiving a trunk of clothes when they left the orphanage. In 2016, the charity gave over £1,000,000 to families. The Duke of Cambridge became Patron in January 2017.