A speech by The Duke of Cambridge at Kensington Memorial Park

Published 10 November 2016

I am delighted to dedicate Kensington Memorial Park as a Centenary Field

Two years ago I launched the Fields in Trust Centenary Fields programme in Coventry.

And as we reach the midway point of the commemorative period for the Great War, Fields in Trust continues to build a living legacy to the fallen by protecting Centenary Fields in perpetuity as places for play, sport and recreation.

At this time of year, formal acts of remembrance become a major part of our public life. This remembrance is often focused at the war memorials of village greens and town centres throughout the country, and in some cases in parks such as this - Kensington Memorial Park - opened by Princess Louise ninety years ago.        

Today, in keeping with the original intent of the park we rededicate this land as a space of public remembrance – a Centenary Field.  This, and scores like it across the UK will honour the fallen of World War I by safeguarding, forever, memorial parks and gardens as public spaces to be valued and enjoyed by their local community.

Fields in Trust is proud to be partnering with The Royal British Legion in delivering this project across the country and encouraging us all, during this significant period of history, to Rethink Remembrance.

I take this opportunity to thank the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea for their support for this programme.  In the two years remaining until the anniversary of the first Armistice Day, Fields in Trust will be working with more Local Authorities such as this one to secure more recreational spaces as Centenary Fields.             

They will succeed, but only if they have help, so I urge others to support this important cause and protect these living spaces of remembrance for generations to come.

Now, I am delighted to dedicate Kensington Memorial Park as a Centenary Field.