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A speech by The Duke of Sussex at Circus Zambia, The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Event, Lusaka

Published 27 November 2018

We established The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust to be your platform. The place where your voices can be heard, where your work is seen and taken seriously.

The Duke of Sussex

Thank you, Brighton.  

It’s really wonderful to be here at Circus Zambia and thank you for hosting us today, this is clearly an exciting place to be!

I also wanted to thank our friends from CAMA for joining us and taking time out of your important Annual General Meeting to be with us today. You have filled this place with song and your optimism is infectious – what a wonderful introduction to your work. 

I know my wife, Meghan, had a wonderful meeting with Angeline Murimirwa from your team this past spring, and sends her very best wishes to you all.

All the stories we heard today are powerful reminders of the great work underway here in Lusaka and across Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi and Zimbabwe. All brought about by young people, like you, who have stepped up to make a difference for others. 

About a year ago, I was standing on another stage, this time at Buckingham Palace, alongside my grandmother Her Majesty The Queen to launch The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust – a platform designed to connect and support young people who are carrying out outstanding work in their communities and across the commonwealth

The Queen has travelled to every country in the Commonwealth, and throughout her life has been massively encouraged by what she has seen young people achieve

As President of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and Her Majesty’s Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, I see the great strides you are taking every day in the service of others and how lives and communities are being impacted by this work. And I can see the satisfaction you get from it too – which is fantastic! When you give, you receive so much more – something which each of you seem to know intrinsically. 

On our recent visit to Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand and Australia, my wife and I met so many young people who were quite literally changing the lives of their communities with innovative, creative ideas and quality leadership.

I also know that for far too long, you and other young leaders have struggled to secure funding, recognition and support – despite all the important work you’re doing. Too often funders and investors miss what you’re doing because they can’t find you or see what you’re achieving. As a result, opportunities for both parties are lost.

We established The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust to be your platform. The place where your voices can be heard, where your work is seen and taken seriously, and your experiences and insight are shared with others to create the maximum impact – for what the world really needs right now.  

This was our dream a year ago in Buckingham Palace. It is incredibly exciting to see the reality today. To see the results of your work and how you’re connecting with organisations near and far in the drive towards creating a brighter future for us all. You have the knowledge and relatability that will inspire your generation to get started in a big or small way, unleashing a wave of talent right around the world. 

This is the purpose of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, to champion, fund and connect young people as a global movement for good, with youth of today leading the way. Thank you for carrying out this vision with such pride, impact and fearlessness in pursuit of what is right. It is my complete joy to be here to see your work in action. This is just the beginning.