The Duke of Kent to receive Dresden peace prize



The Duke of Kent will be honoured with the Dresden Prize, an international peace prize, on 14th February 2015, for his contribution to the reconciliation of Great Britain and Germany.

The Duke of Kent has for decades been active in fostering British-German reconciliation and since 1994 has been Patron of the British Dresden Trust.

In 2004 the Dresden Trust presented the gold cross steeple which sits on top of the Frauenkirche cathedral, as a gift from the British people to Dresden. The cathedral in Dresden, Saxony was severely damaged by a bombing raid by the British in 1945, in response to the Germans bombing London. Both Britain and Germany suffered incredible losses during the Second World War air raids. The reconstruction of the Frauenkirche cathedral, and the installation of the cross and orb steeple, was a significant moment in the 60 year reconciliation process between the two countries, following the war.

In response to the invitation to receive the prize, The Duke of Kent said:

"This award is really a tribute to all those associated with the Friends of Dresden Trust, of which I have been privileged to be the Patron for the past 20 years. It recognises their achievements and indeed the achievements of all people of good will in the United Kingdom and Germany, who have worked over the last sixty years to bring reconciliation between our two countries. Their success is an example to the rest of the world of what can be achieved through building trust and friendship."

Friends of Dresden Deutschland and the British Embassy in Berlin announced the award, which His Royal Highness will receive in Dresden's Semper Opera in February. The Dresden Prize is awarded annually.

As part of his visit to Dresden, The Duke of Kent will also join the President of Germany, Joachim Gauck, at a service in the Frauenkirche on 13th February to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Dresden.