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Princess Alexandra praises Shoreham air crash doctors

Published 25 May 2016

Princess Alexandra has recognised the bravery of the doctors and nurses who saved the pilot who crashed at the Shoreham Airshow in 2015 by awarding them with Royal Humane Society testimonials.

Princess Alexandra with the doctors

Dr Karen Eastman, Dr Marianne Jackson and nurse Tony Kemp were all recognised for their bravery and skill for working to save not just the pilot of the plane but also many casualties in the audience following the disaster.

PC Sean Cannon from Bradford was also presented with a testimonial by the Princess for risking his life saving a family from a house fire last year.

The Royal Humane Society recognises those who have shown outstanding bravery attempting to save lives. Princess Alexandra has been their President since 1975, and personally signed and presented each testimonial.

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