A speech by Prince William at Trearddur Bay lifeboat station, Anglesey

Published 24 February 2011

God speed you in your dangerous, gallant work.

First I would like to say some words remembering people in Christchurch, New Zealand. The people of New Zealand are in our thoughts and prayers at the moment.

Prynhaun Da,

We are an island people. For people of the coast, such as the community here at Trearddur and throughout Anglesey, the sea forms part of every day life. It is livelihood, pastime and heritage. But the sea is also unforgiving.

Nobody knows that better than the brave souls who put their lives on the line to save others from its grasp. That is why we, as islanders, hold in unique regard the courageous and selfless men and women of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, the RNLI.

My family are proud of our long association with the RNLI. The Queen is its Patron today, and The Duke of Kent its President. And it gives me huge pleasure to be introducing to this relationship, here and now, someone who is not only about to join the Family, but is also about to become an ‘Anglesonian’!

In my short time as a Search and Rescue pilot, I have been privileged to work with Aubrey Diggle and the other volunteers of the Trearddur Bay Lifeboat. I realise, as we all do at RAF Valley, what a vital part this new lifeboat plays in our combined effort to save people from the sea. And the Trearddur Bay crew themselves have to thank the generosity of the RNLI fundraising branches here – ably chivvied by Jack Abbott - and across the county of Herefordshire, for this superb new rescue platform.

I know I join everyone here in praying that Hereford Endeavour will keep them safe while they save others. God speed you in your dangerous, gallant work.