17,000 more Georgian Papers are published online


With Her Majesty's full authority, thousands of pages of source material from The Georgian Period has now become available to anyone.

17,000 more historical papers from the early Georgian period are now available online. Anyone can access them here.

The Georgian Papers Programme (GPP), which was established by King's College London and the Royal Archives, has already published 33,000 papers this year – making a total of 50,000 available to the public.  It is hope these papers can build understanding of Britain, George III, British monarchy and a crucial period in British and world history.

Georgian Papers

With Her Majesty's full authority, the project is part of The Royal Collection Trust's desire make the primary source material held at Windsor Castle's Round Tower more available. These historical papers have been stored there since 1912, but in 2016 the Round Tower floor was refitted to allow further digitisation, cataloguing and conservation of them and so the GPP could begin.

The latest batch of papers include financial accounts relating to the Coronation of George I and the ceremonial booklet produced for the occasion. There was also a precise expenditure of the Civil List in 1747-48 under George II which outlines, amongst other things, the costs of transporting rebels to America. As well as these revealing documents, the papers also gives readers a closer look at the personal life of George III – notably a touching letter from the future George III after the death of his Father, to his Grandfather George II, which reveals his wish to stay living at Kew with his Mother.

In the letter George touchingly thanks him for his, 'paternal tenderness which has hitherto so much contributed to my happiness and the continuance of which I shall ever think my greatest comfort.'

The papers also show letters between George II and his son Frederick, Prince of Wales, who died before ascending the throne, which highlight the often-documented difficult relationship between the two. 

Georgian papers

See what academics from across the world are making of The Georgian Papers.

Alongside the publishing of these new papers, The King's Friends, has also launched. The online community group is aimed at anyone studying 18th century history and culture, which might benefit from the publishing of the papers.

The academic partners involved in The GPP including King’s College London, Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture and College of William & Mary, have established more than 50 visiting fellowships and five visiting professorships at the Royal Archives to support the programme over the coming years – and to bring the extraordinary stories that lie within them to life.  

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