The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend the Children's Global Media Summit in Manchester


The summit explores the impact that digital technology has on children.

Today The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Children's Global Media Summit in Manchester. The Summit was founded in 1995 in order to help steer the future of children’s programming in a rapidly-changing world. The event now involves creatives, technology innovators, policymakers, executives and thought leaders from around the world.

A survey published last year revealed children own their first mobile phone aged seven and will start to browse the internet as young as five years old. Over three days, the summit will look at the impact that digital technology will have on children and the future of the media.

Through The Royal Foundation, The Duke brought together representatives from key technology companies to launch a cyberbullying task force to support young people and their families affected by cyberbullying. Last month, The Duke unveiled a plan of action to protect children and encourage a new standard of behaviour online.

The Duke met with those involved today, driving efforts to find a universal tool for children to report bullying when they see it or experience it.

Speaking at the conference, The Duke said, "What we cannot do, however, is pretend that the impact of digital technology is all positive or, indeed, even understood. I am afraid to say that, as a parent, I believe we have grounds for concern." Read HRH's speech in full here

The Duchess also joined a forum hosted by Sesame Street's Workshop, the charitable foundation of the famous children's TV show.

Also today, The BBC unveiled details of the Own It project, one of the key outcomes of The Royal Foundation's Cyber Bullying Taskforce.

Before arriving at the summit today, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke to local school children taking part in a "Stepping Out" session. The session gives young people a chance to share their thoughts on new programmes with Children's television editorial staff and content producers. 

More on The Royal Foundation’s Cyber Bullying Taskforce.

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