The Duke of Cambridge's visit to Kuwait and Oman


The Duke of Cambridge will visit Kuwait and Oman between Sunday 1st December and Wednesday 4th December. This visit is at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and will be His Royal Highness’s first official visit to both countries.

Throughout the tour, The Duke’s programme will pay tribute to the historic ties Britain shares with Kuwait and Oman, and will highlight strong links and cooperation in many areas, including education, the environment, and defence. From the modern capitals of Kuwait City and Muscat, to the vast Kuwaiti deserts and stunning wadis in the Omani mountains, the visit will take in both countries’ unique cultures, their beautiful landscapes, and diverse communities.   

During the visit, His Royal Highness will learn more about organisations working to educate and empower young people, and projects which provide opportunities to help them develop important life skills such as leadership and resilience. The Duke will also hear more about Kuwait and Oman’s ambitious plans to conserve their natural environment, and protect their important ecosystems from new environmental challenges. 

His Royal Highness will also spend time understanding the important security history of the region, and the UK’s current links with both countries from a defence perspective. In Kuwait, His Royal Highness will join Kuwaiti and UK troops undertaking a Desert Warrior Exercise, before travelling to Musandam in Oman to learn more about the Royal Navy of Oman’s responsibilities monitoring maritime traffic passing through the Strait of Hormuz. Oman and Kuwait are key partners for the UK, and The Duke will meet military personnel who are sharing expertise to improve security.

Throughout the visit, The Duke will have the opportunity to meet with a broad range of Kuwaitis and Omanis, including children and young people, leaders from government, inspiring conservationists, and those working in the charity sector. The tour also falls during the 120th anniversary year of the signing of the 1899 Treaty of Friendship between Kuwait and the UK, and the visit will mark this important moment in UK-Kuwait history. 

The UK’s links with Kuwait and Oman are extensive, and The Duke is looking forward to visiting both countries for the first time, and continuing to build on an already enduring friendship with the Kuwaiti and Omani people.

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