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Investiture Stories: Third-generation Ghurka receives his grandfather's MBE after seventy years

WO2 Khadak Chettri has collected the Military MBE that was awarded to his grandfather almost seventy years ago, in recognition of the bravery and courage he showed when he was a Prisoner of War during World War Two.

Khadak Chettri with family and officials

No one knew that Subedar Major Kalu Chettri had been awarded the MBE until his grandson recently happened upon the citation in the MOD Medal Office. It was confirmed that Kalu Chettri had never received the MBE, and may not even have known that he had been awarded it, and so his grandson, a third-generation Ghurka, has collected the insignia alongside his family and other officials of the Brigade of Ghurkas.

Kalu Chettri's battalion was captured by Japanese soldiers and taken to a Prisoner of War camp in 1942. During his time in the camp in Singapore, Subedar Kalu became the senior officer within his battalion, and later of up to 1500 prisoners of war. Throughout the whole ordeal, he showed unwavering courage, bravery and strength, and thus was awarded this Military MBE in 1947.

Every day I draw inspiration from him

Khadak Chettri

After receiving the MBE from The Duke of Cambridge, Khadak Chettri was able to add it to the rest of his grandfather's medals.  "It is sad in one way but obviously I'm immensely proud. I'm just immensely proud to be related to such a fine human being," he said after the ceremony. "Every day I draw inspiration from him."