The Life and Work of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

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Born the Hon. Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon

Lady Elizabeth was the ninth child and fourth daughter of Lord Claude George Bowes-Lyon and Lady Nina Cecilia Bowes-Lyon, Lord and Lady Glamis.

The family divided its time between St Paul's Waldenbury in Hertfordshire, Glamis Castle in Scotland and 20 St James's Square in London.


Outbreak of the First World War

The outbreak of the First World War saw Glamis Castle turned into a reception centre and hospital for the wounded.

Lady Elizabeth spent the war years helping with the running of the hospital and aiding the welfare and morale of the patients.


Meets Prince Albert (future King George VI) for the first time

Lady Elizabeth meets Prince Albert at a dance given by Lord and Lady Farquhar at 7 Grosvenor Square, London.


Takes part in her first Royal occasion

Lady Elizabeth was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Princess Mary to Henry, Viscount Lascelles at Westminster Abbey.


A Royal Engagement

Prince Albert (now The Duke of York) and Lady Elizabeth's engagement is officially announced in Court Circular.



Life as The Duchess of York

After her marriage, Lady Elizabeth becomes The Duchess of York. She made her first public appearance as a member of The Royal Family when she accompanied King George V, Queen Mary and her husband to the RAF pageant at Hendon.


Birth of Princess Elizabeth

The Duchess gave birth to her child, Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen Elizabeth II.


Birth of Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret Rose, second child of The Duke and Duchess of York is born.


Becoming Queen

After King Edward VIII abdicates, The Duke and Duchess of York were called upon to assume the responsibilities of the throne as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.


Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth


Outbreak of World War Two

After the outbreak of the second World War it is suggested that Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret are evacuated to Canada. Queen Elizabeth famously responded: "The children won't go without me. I won't leave The King. And The King will never leave."


VE Day is celebrated outside Buckingham Palace


Silver Wedding Anniversary

This photograph was taken to celebrate King George's and Queen Elizabeth's Silver Wedding Anniversary


Death of King George VI

After the death of King George VI his eldest daughter, Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth II. The former Queen consort chooses to be called Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.


Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother


Life as The Queen Mother

After the King's death, The Queen Mother continued her public duties in the UK and overseas. These included over 40 official visits abroad, including a 1989 visit to Canada which marked the 50th anniversary of her first visit there.

Her Majesty was Patron or President of some 350 organisations.


90th Birthday

The Queen Mother's ninetieth birthday was celebrated with a parade and ceremonial on Horse Guards Parade.


Becoming a Centenarian

The Queen Mother celebrated her 100th Birthday and became the first member of the British Royal Family to reach the age of 100.


The Queen Mother dies peacefully in her sleep at the Royal Lodge, Windsor.