The Queen opens the 50th Coronation Library at Moreland Primary School, London


As Patron of the National Literacy Trust, The Queen has visited Moreland Primary School to open their new Coronation Library, the 50th in a series of special primary school libraries that have been transformed over the last twelve months with the help of the National Literacy Trust, to mark the Coronation.

The Queen visits Moreland Primary School

The Coronation Libraries initiative celebrates Her Majesty’s strong advocacy not only for reading and literacy, but also for the vital importance of primary school libraries. In collaboration with Libraries for Primaries, the National Literacy Trust have created 50 Coronation libraries and reading spaces across the UK since 2023 with the 50th library being opened by Her Majesty at Moreland Primary School.

The Queen at Moreland Primary School

The 50 Libraries also receive a set of 23 books, chosen by children from across the country, which bear a commemorative bookplate featuring the Coronation emblem. In addition, a commemorative plaque is placed in each library. 

The Queen at Moreland Primary School

The National Literacy Trust empowers children, young people and adults with the literacy skills they need to succeed. Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills give people the tools to get the most out of life, and the power to shape their future. 

The Queen at Moreland Primary School

For over 30 years the National Literacy Trust has continued to support schools, families and communities on a local and national level to help people change their stories.

The Queen at Moreland Primary School

The new library at Moreland Primary School is also the 1000th primary school library to open as part of the National Literacy Trust’s Libraries for Primaries campaign, which aims to establish libraries in UK primary schools in areas where local communities have low levels of literacy.

In May last year, Her Majesty opened the first Coronation library at Shirehampton Primary School in Bristol.
Her Majesty opened the first Coronation library at Shirehampton Primary School, Bristol, in May 2023.

During today's visit, The Queen also joined an interactive storytelling session with young librarians from primary schools across the city, before opening the new library and listening to Children’s Laureate, Joseph Coelho read a poem ’One Thousand Libraries’ that he had written for the occasion.

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