Prince Harry attends a Service of Commemoration for the Victims of 2015 Terrorist Attacks in Tunisia

Published 12 April 2016

Prince Harry, on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, attends a service of commemoration for victims of the 2015 Tunisia Attacks, at Westminster Abbey.

The service, for family members of those who lost their lives, or were seriously injured and those who witnessed the attacks in Tunisia, commemorated the British nationals who were killed during the attacks.

In 2015 there were two brutal attacks in Tunisia in which British citizens tragically died. On 18th March, terrorists opened fire on tourists at the Bardo National Museum in Tunis. Twenty-two people, among them one British woman, were killed.

On 26th June, in the resort of Port El Kantaoui a few kilometres north of the city of Sousse, a terrorist murdered tourists on the beach. He continued his attack into the Imperial Marhaba Hotel and on to the streets, where he was shot dead by Tunisian security forces. Thirty-eight people were killed, including thirty British nationals. This was the worst incident of terrorism involving British people since the 7/7 attacks in London 11 years ago.

Prince Harry laid a wreath at the Innocent Victims Memorial on behalf of The Queen before the Service, and delivered a reading during the Service itself.