Prince Harry hosts Heads Together BBQ with sports stars and those who have supported them through tough times

Published 25 July 2016

Sports stars join Prince Harry at a ‘Heads Together BBQ’ at Kensington Palace, London, to talk about challenges they have faced in their life and how the support of others has helped.

Rio Ferdinand, Dame Kelly Holmes, Victoria Pendleton, Jonathan Trott and Iwan Thomas talked with Prince Harry about tough times in their lives and struggles with their mental health or wellbeing and the importance of being supported by people or networks. Many were accompanied to the event by those who had helped them overcome challenges and provided support. Before a game of French Cricket, the sports stars discussed with Prince Harry how talking to friends, family and colleagues can be a vital first response during difficult times.

Prince Harry and the sports stars were joined at the BBQ by a number of representatives from the Heads Together charity partners, who have used or set up sport related support networks to benefit the mental wellbeing of themselves or others.

Most of us will go through a difficult time at some point in our lives, including the sporting stars we may think are invincible. Hearing sporting heroes and role models talking openly about their tough times and what support has helped them can help us all feel more confident about reaching out for support when we need it.

After speaking to some of the nation’s top athletes about how they turned to friends and family for support after tough times in their own lives, Prince Harry, said: “if you can improve your own well-being and everyone else's around you as well, and get your mind as strong as your body, imagine what we could achieve.”

Heads Together is the campaign spearheaded by Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to change the conversation on mental wellbeing from one of fear and shame to one of support. The campaign wants everyone to feel comfortable with their everyday wellbeing and able to support their friends and families through difficult times.