Prince Harry visits the Wilderness Foundation Chatham Green Project

Published 12 September 2017

Prince Harry has visited the Chatham Green Project, a conservation, education and sustainability initiative run by the Wilderness Foundation.

A key part of the Chatham Green Project is the education programme, which aims to educate over 3,000 pupils each year to value the countryside and take action to protect it and our wider environment.

Prince Harry's own work in conservation has been dedicated to the education of young people, with the help of getting them engaged with conservation issues.

After receiving a briefing of the key work of the Wilderness Foundation, His Royal Highness joined a group of pupils taking part in a nature immersion programme.

Prince Harry then paid a visit to the Wilderness Academy fire-pit to meet young people participating in the TurnAround youth programme.

The TurnAround programme helps people aged 15-21 who struggle with family, social & personal problems to overcome challenges through wilderness therapy.

TurnAround's success rate averages 83% of its graduates entering further education or employment and sustaining this into the future.

The Wilderness Foundation is a charity that harnesses the power of the wilderness to change lives and the positive power of humanity to save the wilderness.