Prince Harry's visit to Guyana

Published 10 November 2016

Prince Harry is visiting Guyana between Friday 2nd December and Sunday 4th December as part of his official visit to the Caribbean on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen between 20th November and 4th December.

Situated on the Northern shoulder of South America, Guyana is part of the Caribbean region because of its strong cultural, historical and political ties with the wider Caribbean community. Part of the Commonwealth, Guyana has an incredibly diverse population, and is the only South American nation in which English is the official language. The fourth smallest country in South America, Guyana is covered by a dense forest, something wildlife enthusiasts are taking notice of as Guyana becomes a top ecotourism destination.

Friday 2nd December

The Prince will arrive at Eugene F. Correia airport in Georgetown, the Capital of Guyana. This busy bustling city, nicknamed the 'Garden City of the Caribbean', is the urban centre of Guyana with a population of over 120,000, and a distinct Caribbean flavour. His Royal Highness will make his way to the centre of the capital, stopping to call on President David Granger. He will travel on to lay a wreath at the Independence Monument, before arriving at Camp Ayanganna, the Headquarters of the Guyana Defence Force. Here His Royal Highness will meet with groups of officer cadets, serving officers and veterans, who will take The Prince on a tour of the Base. Before returning to his hotel, Prince Harry will lay a wreath at Georgetown's Commonwealth War Graves, in honour of those who lost their lives during the two World Wars and the pre-independence period.           

That evening the Prince will attend a reception hosted by the British High Commissioner Greg Quinn.

Saturday 3rd December

The penultimate day of Prince Harry's tour will truly be one to remember as he takes to the skies to reach the remote wilderness of the Hinterland. Over 80% of Guyana's land mass is covered by the Amazon rainforest, and tucked away beneath these incredible canopies are indigenous communities surviving and thriving in the jungle. His Royal Highness will visit one such community; where he will be met by village elders, who will lead Prince Harry to the centre of this indigenous community, which is just five-square miles in size. Prince Harry will receive an official welcome from the Surama villagers, around the gathering point of the village Totem Pole. His Royal Highness will hear more about traditional village life, and take a short trip to the village's Eco Lodge to see how the community is embracing eco-tourism.

From this friendly welcome, His Royal Highness will fly to the Iwokrama International Centre, which has a close link to Prince Harry; his father The Prince of Wales, has been the organisation's Patron since 2000. Prince Harry will meet with rangers to learn about the forest, and the steps being taken to protect this important reserve, and the broader conservation efforts of the Amazon. Before arriving at the reserve, Prince Harry will briefly call into Fairview Village and pay his respects to the village Elders, as well as visiting the local school.

The final stop of the day will be Kaieteur Falls. This magnificent waterfall is the single largest free-fall waterfall in the world. It has a drop of 741 feet, making it nearly five times as high as Niagara Falls in Canada. To reach this staggering natural wonder, Prince Harry will take one more flight, and then a short trek through the jungle with local guides, who will explain the local flora and fauna of the area, before he reaches the falls.

Sunday 4th December

The last day of Prince Harry's Caribbean tour will finish with a visit to Joshua House Children's Centre, in the centre of Georgetown. The charity, established in 1977, is currently home to more than 70 children, both girls and boys, typically aged between 5 and 12. The mission of the home is to rescue children who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances and whilst living here, have access to computers and libraries, daily meals and can learn skills like how to prepare those same meals, or even grow the ingredients used to create them. The charity manages to make a big impact on the lives of children who depend on vital services like those provided. Prince Harry will hear of this first-hand from the children living there, and the staff and volunteers who together make it all possible.

That afternoon, Prince Harry will return to Eugene F. Correia airport, where he will inspect the final guard of the tour before departing for London.

Prince Harry is visiting Guyana as part of his official visit to the Caribbean on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen. Find out more about the visit here.

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