The Queen Consort's message to mark 80 years of BFBS


You have done a huge amount to foster a true and profound sense of community amongst all those connected with the military family.

As the proud Patron of BFBS, I very much wanted to take this opportunity to wish you – and every member of His Majesty’s Armed Forces – a Happy New Year.  

I also want to thank you for eight decades of service to our nation.  It was 80 years ago this year that your first broadcast aired from Algiers, as the Allies fought the evils of Nazism.  Since then, the character of warfare has changed almost beyond recognition, but your aims are the same – to keep our military, families and veterans in touch with home and with each other; and to overcome the separation of deployment, posting and detachment.  

The first-ever BFBS programme was “Home Mail”, in which family and friends sent requests for musical messages for their loved ones to be played over the airwaves.  At that time, my father was a prisoner of war in Germany.  He and his fellow prisoners were heavily reliant on an illicit, slightly ramshackle, radio they had managed to put together and from which they received the comfort of maintaining a link with home.  80 years on, BFBS remains just as crucial to sustaining morale throughout the Armed Forces.   

The list of your accomplishments since 1943 is deeply impressive.  From installing the first television channel in the Falklands, to broadcasters on the front line entertaining our troops on operations, to reaching every corner of the Earth – you have done a huge amount to foster a true and profound sense of community amongst all those connected with the military family.

For 80 years, you have lived up to your inspiring motto “serving those who serve” and for this – thank you.  Allow me also to take advantage of your global reach to thank our Armed Forces for their work over the past year, both in this country and overseas, through which they have, as ever, displayed exemplary courage and adaptability.    

I wish each one of you the very best for 2023 and a Happy New Year!



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