The re-launch of the British Monarchy website


The Queen will attend a Reception in the Blue Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace on Thursday, 12th February, to mark the re-launch of this, the British Monarchy Website.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee OM, KBE, inventor of the World Wide Web, will travel from the US for the launch. Guests for the Reception will include the Minister for Digital Engagement, Mr Tom Watson MP, and a cross-section of people from the web-based community. This will be the third version of the Royal website which was first launched in 1997 before being revamped in 2001.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee will say a few words about the history of the World Wide Web and then introduce a short film featuring students at Kingsbury High School where The Queen launched the first version of the Monarchy website in 1997. Sir Tim will then invite The Queen to re-launch the British Monarchy Website. The Queen will also unveil a “surprise” feature on the new website. The updated site will showcase the latest new media features as well as rarely seen video and documents from the Royal Archives.

The new website has a more user-friendly and accessible design and utilises a number of new technological features, such as Google maps integration with the Royal Diary of Engagements, integration with the Royal Channel on YouTube, a password protected Media Centre, a new Personnel module to allow job applicants to apply online, and a new search function. The site will make greater use of video and has a new Content Management System (CMS) making it easier to update.

The Royal website also features a wealth of new content including expanded information on the Commonwealth Realms and a new section on Royal animals.

The site will also feature an updated version of The Duke of York’s business microsite,, to support his role as the UK’s Special Representative for International Trade and Investment.

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