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A speech by Prince Harry at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Gala Dinner

Published 16 October 2014

All of us together can make a real difference for children and young people.

The Duke of Sussex

Thank you all very much for coming this evening.

I am not entirely sure who made the seating  plan but I am sitting between two men. I thought it would just be 100 women and myself.

It is great to see you in this rather wonderful Harry Potter-esq setting - There will be no Quidditch.

This hospital represents the importance which society places on the care of those less fortunate than ourselves.

In the case of the Royal Hospital it is former members of the Armed Forces but for WellChild it is children and young people.

I am incredibly proud to be the Patron of WellChild, the charity being championed by 100 Women In Hedge Fund’s UK this year.

I am also delighted to be Patron of 100 Women In Hedge Fund’s philanthropic initiatives for this year also.

Over the course of this partnership, I have seen first-hand the tremendous value this relationship has brought to WellChild, not just in fund-raising but in strategic advice, guidance, networking and reach.

WellChild is a truly remarkable charity whose staff and nurses work tirelessly to make sure that thousands of seriously ill children and young people received the very best possible care.

This work is invaluable to the people they care for and their families. Thanks to the help of high profile and influential organisations such as this, WellChild’s Children’s Nurse programme continues to go from strength to strength, giving vital support to families up and down  the UK.

It has been very exciting for me to see these two fantastic organisations come together over the past few months and I know that there are still more projects being planned as WellChild and 100 Women In Hedge Funds enjoy their year together, the effects of which will last long into the future I am sure.

Thanks must go to Mimi, Amanda, Kristen and Natasha for their work with Colin and the staff at WellChild, and of course congratulations to Anne on your Leadership Award.

I cannot begin to name everyone that has generously supported this partnership, but on behalf of WellChild, I would like to thank Blaine and Laura Tomlinson for their generous support, and Sir Michael Hintze for sharing the vision for the fabulous WellChild garden at this year's Chelsea Flower Show.

The commitment, expertise and philanthropic energy of the 100 Women In Hedge Funds has played a significant part in WellChild’s growth and success this year, but of course there is still a huge amount of work to do if we are to reach all of the children and young people who need our help.

There are few organisations which share WellChild’s hunger and determination to do better; my support and admiration for this important charity grows stronger with every inspirational young person, parent and carer that I am lucky enough to meet.

I hope you are all very proud of the support you have given to WellChild, it really does change lives.But may I ask one more thing of you - when you leave here tonight, please continue to spread the word far and wide about this fantastic organisation.

All of us together can make a real difference for children and young people. It is fantastic  to see the partnership, which has already achieved a great deal, continue to make life better for more and more young people, and their families.

Thank you again for your tremendous support and enjoy the rest of the evening.