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A speech by Prince Harry at the unveiling of the winning British Design of the UK Pavilion for Milan Expo 2015

Published 18 May 2014

How can we best help communities in developing countries to help themselves?

The Duke of Sussex

I am delighted to be here this evening to announce the winning design of the UK Pavilion for the Global Expo in Milan next year.

The themes of the Expo - sustainability and development - are ones which are close to my heart as like many of you here today I feel hugely responsible for the next generation.

2015 is an important year for Italy as host of the World Expo. But it is also the year where progress against the Millennium Development Goals will be reviewed, and a new global development agenda to end hunger and poverty will be set. With this in mind, the themes of sustainability and development are well timed.

How can we best help communities in developing countries to help themselves? Supporting them to bring an end to extreme poverty and the effects of the chronic diseases - such as HIV - must surely be a priority. Together we can succeed in improving the quality of life in such communities across the developing world and in doing so, bring the hope of a brighter future to millions and millions of children. I have seen first hand the effect such work can have on parents but particularly children, through the work of Sentebale in Lesotho.

I hope this global meeting of minds can help further the progress that some of the most under-developed nations and communities like those in Lesotho, have made and that we all have a duty to ensure continues.

The Expo will help to focus attention on these issues and the need to continue working toward a better future for those less fortunate than ourselves.

With that, I am very pleased to announce that Wolfgang Buttress has won the international competition to design the UK Pavilion at Milan Expo next year. Wolfgang's design has been inspired by the crucial role of the honeybee in our ecosystem.

I’m also delighted to announce that this design for the Pavilion will be brought to life by UK expertise in the shape of Stage One, Rise, BDP and Tristan Simmonds. I hope the Expo will persuade more people to act now together before it's too late.

This short film will give us an insight into what visitors can expect to see at Expo next year.