The Duke of Edinburgh takes the salute at Sounding Retreat


The Duke of Edinburgh, Colonel-in-Chief of the Rifles takes the salute at Sounding Retreat on Horse Guards Parade.

For the first time in nearly 25 years, the Massed Bands and Bugles of the Rifles Sounded Retreat on Horse Guards Parade. Nearly 300 members of The Rifles were joined by 200 other servicemen and women from around the globe to perform a visual and musical spectacle to raise money for Care For Casualties.

The Duke of Edinburgh, Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles, took the salute as The Rifles performed a stirring range of military music. The Duke of Kent, Royal Colonel 1st Battalion, and Princess Alexandra, Royal Colonel 3rd Battalion, were also in attendance.

Sounding Retreat is an ancient military custom...this occasion is a tribute to all those of The Regiment who have been killed or injured on active operations in recent years

The Duke of Edinburgh, Colonel-in-Chief, The Rifles

Since 2007, The Rifles have been almost constantly on Operations, experiencing some of the fiercest fighting since the Second World War.  Over 60 Riflemen have been killed in action and countless others have been severely wounded.

Many have lost limbs, been permanently blinded or require long-term neurological care as a result of their injuries.  Care for Casualties raises funds so that The Rifles can meet the enduring needs of our casualties and members of the Regimental family in need, providing support and assistance whenever we are called upon to do so. Its vital work can be seen in more detail at

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