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Edgar (r. 1097-1107)

Born around 1074, Edgar was the fourth son of Malcolm III and St Margaret. 

He found refuge in England on his father's death and, about 1095, William II of England recognised him as the rightful King of Scots. In return, Edgar agreed to hold Scotland as William's vassal. 

In 1097 an English army helped Edgar to seize the throne from his uncle, Donald III. In 1100, his sister Matilda (Maud) married Henry I of England and so he became the English king's brother-in-law. 

Edgar's submissive attitude to England and his presentation of the Western Isles to the king of Norway led to his (insulting) nickname 'the Peaceable'. 

He did not marry, and died in Edinburgh Castle on 8 January 1107 aged about 33.

Image: Edinburgh Castle, where Edgar died.