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A speech by The Duke of Sussex at a visit to Pillars, Ka Pou Whakahou

Published 30 October 2018

We couldn’t be happier to support such fantastic work. Kia kaha.

Prime Minister, Sir Pita Verna, and everyone here today, thank you for such an incredibly warm welcome to Pillars. Kia Ora. 

Both Meghan and I are thrilled to be able to spend time with you during our first visit to Auckland together.

We became aware of Pillars earlier this year, when the New Zealand Government kindly suggested it would make a donation to Pillars - on behalf of the people of New Zealand  to celebrate our marriage. 

That very thoughtful and generous wedding gift has created the four Pillars Awards, which will help to transform the lives of young people, including four special people in this room. 

Across New Zealand there are thousands of children who are affected by having a parent in prison, and without the right support these young people are much more likely to also spend time in prison themselves as adults. 

But through the work of organisations like Pillars, and the awards being presented today, children can now have stability in times of turmoil, supportive relationships around them, and a positive vision of their future. 

The support of Pillars helps to break the cycle. It helps to create choices which didn't previously exist for many young people.

It has been a real pleasure to meet you and in particular, to spend time with the four award winners, your mentors and families. 

You are outstanding young people and I know you will use this opportunity to create exciting futures for yourselves, and to act as role models for others in your communities. 

To all of the Pillars community, thank you again.  We couldn’t be happier to support such fantastic work. Kia kaha.