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Statement issued by the Royal Household responding to the findings of the Securi

Published 6 May 2004


The Royal Household welcomes the Commission's findings and recommendations. It also welcomes the publication of the account of what the report describes as "comprehensive and well documented procedures" in relation to the recruitment of Ryan Parry.

The Royal Household accepts that there are lessons to be learnt from this case and has already tightened internal vetting procedures for all new recruits and has reviewed security measures more generally.

A new Director for Security Liaison has also been appointed to be the principal point of contact for all security matters across the Royal Households.

Brigadier Jeff Cook, who commenced employment on 4th May, will be responsible for the co-ordination and implementation of Royal Household security plans, policies and procedures.

He will be working with the police, the Home Office and other agencies within the existing framework of security responsibilities. In this new role, Brigadier Cook will report to the Private Secretary to The Queen.

The Director for Security Liaison will also be producing an annual security plan for Royal Household security in consultation with the police and other security organisations.

The plan will cover personnel security as well as protection and physical security, and will be subject to regular review as recommended by the Commission.