The Princess Royal celebrates 150 years of women in universities


The Princess Royal, has today hosted the closing event of a year-long series of activities and celebrations to mark 150 years of women entering universities in the UK. 

Leading Women from across the world were invited to gather at the reception to continue conversations about gender equality.

In 1868, nine women sat a "special examination" at University of London. From then, many women have followed in their footsteps and Her Royal Highness is Chancellor of the University of London.  

At today's reception The Princess Royal met guests and also viewed an exhibition of items relating to the history. 

The Princess Royal meets people at the reception

In honour of those first students, the University have put together a gallery exhibition of 150 Leading Women from 1868-2018. 

items in the exhibition

items in the exhibition

In a speech at the reception, Her Royal Highness said:

Since that decision some 150 years ago, it is striking to see the extraordinary contributions that women have made... Striking is the diversity of “firsts” achieved by those women associated with the University.

A speech by The Princess Royal

The Princess is Chancellor also spoke about the significance of the decision to admit women to study: 

While this decision might seem extraordinary to us today, it was ground-breaking at the time; it demonstrates the University of London’s commitment to all students irrespective of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or social position as one of its founding principles.

Her Royal Highness is committed to improving Education and Training opportunities through her many Patronages.

The Princess Royal meets people at the reception

Read more about The Princess Royal's work here

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