Prince Harry's overseas duties

Published 04 April 2014

Prince Harry will undertake two official overseas visits in May and June 2014. He will visit Estonia and Italy in May, followed by a visit to Brazil and Chile in June. Both visits are in support of the UK Government and are being organised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 

In Estonia, Prince Harry will thank the Estonian Defence Forces for their support of British troops in Afghanistan. Estonia has had a company of soldiers in Afghanistan since 2006, who have been directly under British command during their deployment. During the visit, Prince Harry will meet some wounded Estonian soldiers, several of whom were treated alongside UK soldiers at Headley Court in the UK.

In Italy, Prince Harry will attend commemorative events for the Italian campaign in WWII, focussing on 70th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino. The four battles for Monte Cassino in Italy took place between January and May 1944 and saw the Allied Forces involved in some of the most hostile fighting of the Second World War. The battles involved allied troops from the UK, Poland, Canada, France, India, New Zealand and America. 

Prince Harry's visit to Brazil and Chile in June is designed to enhance the partnership between the United Kingdom and Brazil and Chile, and build on the links Prince Harry forged during his official visit to Brazil in March 2012.