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If you find a vacancy you like, simply click 'apply' and complete an online application form.

We tailor application forms to suit each vacancy, and we will assess your application by reviewing your skills and experience relating to the role.

Take your time to answer all the questions, and refer to the job advert to understand the knowledge, experience and skills we are looking for.

You do not need to complete the whole form at once as your answers will be saved section by section.


In order to apply for a vacancy, you will either be a British citizen or you will have already obtained the legal right to work in the UK.

Everyone who works for the Royal Household is security cleared. If successful, you will therefore go through our security vetting process. This is nothing to be concerned about and more information is provided in the 'Before joining us' section of this page.


All applications should be made directly to the Royal Household.

We do not make any financial charge at any stage of our recruitment process. What's more, we do not endorse or associate with any organisation, or third party, that claims to be involved with our recruitment, and which may attempt to seek payment from you.

Applying for a role, interviews and assessments

We recruit for a truly diverse range of roles. Our recruitment and selection processes are designed to be fair, transparent and based on merit. Each assessment process is designed to appropriately test the essential skills and experience required for each role. The format of selection processes will vary depending on the role, and we use a range of assessment tools to help us find the right person. These include: face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, assessment centres, work sample tests and psychometric assessments.

Usually assessments will take place at one of the Royal residences. This is nothing to be concerned about or daunted by. As well as being Royal Palaces, the buildings are also everyday work places. Although the surrounding may therefore be spectacular, you will find the people and the jobs to be quite normal.

Following an interview or assessment you'll always be informed about the outcome. This will usually be via our online recruitment system.

Before joining us

If you are successful in being offered a role, we'll be in regular contact before your first day to answer any questions that you have and provide you with all the information you'll need.

Pre-employment checks and security vetting

Everyone who works for the Royal Household is security cleared. Vetting information is not required when you first apply. However, if you’re successful in being appointed, you’ll be asked for additional information and to complete a security questionnaire. Then the vetting process will begin.

This is nothing to be concerned about. We will contact your professional, and sometimes personal, referees. We'll also undertake background checks in order to process your security clearance.

This usually takes about four to six weeks, but can take longer according to the individual case. During the vetting process, much of the work goes on behind the scenes, but we'll endeavor to keep you informed during that time.

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The experience

A place where jobs that could be routine elsewhere become extraordinary

Inside the Royal Household

With the Royal Household, everyday jobs become exceptional.

Meet Daniel: Deputy Sergeant Footman

"I have completed a Butlering Vocational Qualification, alongside on-the-job training."

Meet Brian: Visitor Operations Assistant

"I love talking to the public, welcoming them to the home of Monarchs, past and present"

Meet Mark: Head of IT Service Delivery

"Our roles are similar to many organisations; it's the end product that makes us unique"

Meet Emma: Head of Digital Engagement

"I've benefitted from having very progressive, forward-thinking managers"

Meet Graham: Senior Travel and Logistics Officer

"It’s the people in the building that make the Royal Household"

Meet Kate: Senior Curator of Prints and Drawings

"Working with such a wonderful collection means there are always new things to learn."

Meet Morayo: Retail Manager

"My ideas are listened to and I know my contribution is valued"

Meet Ross: Liveried Helper

"It's very rewarding getting the horses looking their best on the day"

Meet Oliver: Exhibitions Assistant

"My internship programme is an example of how professional development is supported"

Meet Kathryn: Royal Pastry Chef

"The Royal kitchen team is an incredible group of people from all walks of life"

A place to grow

Your career journey with us will be like no other

Meet Yasmin: HR Advisor

"Behind the ceremonial events and magnificent buildings is a fully functioning business."