Some information on this website may be out-of-date following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Meet Daniel: Deputy Sergeant Footman

"I have completed a Butlering Vocational Qualification, alongside on-the-job training."

Daniel, Deputy Sergeant Footman

Having worked part-time in a local restaurant while studying for his A-Levels, Daniel found his way to the Royal Household when his Mum saw the role of Trainee Footman advertised. He'd enjoyed his taste of the hospitality world, had chosen not to go to University, and so was open to ideas.

"I would never have thought of this as a potential career, and didn’t expect to receive a response from my application".

But having shone at the assessment day, Daniel joined as Trainee Footman and completed Butlering Vocational Qualification. After two years he was promoted to Senior Footman, and then again to his current role.

Working as part of the Master of the Household's Department, Daniel supervises the team responsible for front-of-house service at Buckingham Palace, and when at other Royal residences. Overseeing operational activities, he manages team schedules, travel logistics and daily tasks, and ensures exceptional service is provided, whether for a small lunch or a state banquet.

"Working for the Royal Household is very much what you make of it. There are brilliant opportunities to develop and gain experience. The functions and locations you work at inspire you to meet their magnificence by providing the best service that you can".

I have completed a Butlering Vocational Qualification, alongside on-the-job training.

Daniel says he had plenty of support to develop his career.

"Alongside on-the-job training in the technical aspects of the role, such as valeting, knowledge of wines, and of caring for glass and china, I have also developed my teamwork, leadership and event supervision skills".

The people he works with have also played a big part in Daniel's enjoyment of the role.

"My first impression at the assessment day was how down-to-earth and reassuring everyone was. The whole team are a fantastic mix of people from all backgrounds. Everyone contributes different skills, but it's having the right attitude that is most important".

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