Meet Emma: Head of Digital Engagement

Emma, Head of Digital Engagement

Emma is currently Head of Digital Engagement. As part of Royal Communications, her team manages the monarchy website and social media channels.

"From tweeting about preparations for a State Banquet, to working with the Royal Archives to commemorate World War One Centenary events, my team covers so many different elements of the Royal Household's work. Because we're a small team, everyone gets to do a bit of everything. We share an office and spend quite a lot of time bouncing creative ideas off each other, which can be great fun."

"I like working in interesting, unique environments and this certainly fits into that category."

Having worked at the Household for a number of years, Emma has enjoyed seeing how new technologies have transformed the way it communicates. 

I've benefitted from having very progressive, forward-thinking managers.

"I was responsible for setting up the social media channels which represent the Royal Household, and which now have millions of followers. I like to think that I've helped promote the Royal Household as a modern, forward-thinking organisation. I'm proud to be part of a creative team, which is always looking to the next challenge or project - things are never boring in the Digital Engagement Team! I've always had very supportive managers who have encouraged me to try new things."

"One of the great, but also at times nerve-wracking things about working in communications for the Royal Family, is that the reaction to our work is always high-profile: announcements make front page news, and Facebook posts reach tens of millions of followers"

Finally, Emma is keen to praise the diverse team that she works with.

"The Royal Household is full of talented, enthusiastic and down-to-earth people. The communications team is made up of people from a mixture of communications, journalism and government backgrounds, as well as some first-jobbers, straight from university. The mix of ages and experience makes for a stimulating, and often refreshingly light-hearted working environment."

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